<h4><strong>In pursuit of safety: Homs (Syria) to Germany</strong></h4>

In pursuit of safety: Homs (Syria) to Germany

Young Syrian boy demonstrates with a poster that says “We demand the rescue of civilians in Deir ez-Zor from the brutal attacks on them”.Young boy lies on the floor in safe sunshine of Germany along with Syrian Flag, but with a purpose. After passing through dangerous journeys and fleeing war-torn areas of Syria, he is determined to speak for his human rights. Living in the German city of Friedrichshafen, he along with other young people demonstrated on streets in solidarity with their country. They raised voice against injustice, killing and bombings they have seen in Syrian regime. They wanted to tell German people that they left their beloved homeland because of the war.</entry-content p>

He belongs to city of Homs, Syria and was displaced because of the regime and daily killings and shelling in his area. He said he doesn’t want anything but a safe place to live. He also aspires to learn more and complete his academic career, which he was deprived of when he was in Syria. He has participated in this protest because he got approval from local German police. He said his and his brother’s sincere prayers are for Germany which gave them safe heaven to live. He is thankful to German government to help them but he also wants them to show empathy. He saw some demonstrations against refugees that he thinks is wrong.

He is a peaceful person he believes and would do nothing to disrupt the lives of other people in Germany. He wants international community to give attention to this issue and to aid refugees. He wants them to help the people who are victims of war is Syria and are getting killed every now and then. And these talks should not be limited to just talk, actions must be taken immediately to stop the war and solve issues mutually.

Furthermore, he shows his gratitude and determination by saying that he wants to be an active and productive member of German society and sometimes he misses his life in Syria. His dream is to live in a safe place where he can learn and study. That place he believes is Germany because it is the only country that accepted him after all the other countries abandoned him.

The voice of our client is shared by Aqsa Khalid, a volunteer Coordinator at Asylum Links EU. She holds a Masters degree in Clinical Social Work.

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