What we do

We reach refugees with information about their rights globally.
Every day we have informed conversations with refugees and migrants about asylum, shelter, healthcare, education, employment and protection.

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We link refugees and migrants, our clients, to services in the country where they live. We collect the information our clients want to know and we run information campaigns.

Our Facebook pages operate as a platform for refugees and migrants to share, request and receive information about their rights and their options on asylum, housing, healthcare or education.

We undertake casework both directly and online. We conduct research using official sources. We constantly assess the quality of our information in collaboration with refugees and migrants.

We are passionate about establishing and sustaining links with local organisations and communities in the countries in which we operate, to ensure that information is shared as widely as possible.

We aim to bridge the substantial gaps that exist by distributing translated documentation and links to information so our clients can make informed choices about their future. 

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